What we do?

We understand how important it is to schedule a spa visit in advance. Therefore, we have built the website, spa-finder.org, in order to make this process a little bit easier. With out website’s search engine, spa seekers will be able to scour through a massive database of spas, until they find those, within their specific areas. After this, they will be provided with in-depth information for each individual spa, including name, address and hours of operation. Since our website also provides these individuals, with contact information, they’ll be able to instantly make contact and set up an appointment.

We realize the spas are opening and closing on a regular basis. We offer the easiest way to find spas in your area, since spa owners can add listings to our database. Of course, we have also hooked up with many other websites and publications, in order to compile the most efficient list of local spas. With a quick and free registration, users will be able to gain access to a number of convenient features, such as bookmarking specific spas.